Graphic Arts / Production Support Variable Duties

  • Produce a full range of ink colors
  • Retrieve used screens from the production floor
  • Recycle ink from the used screens
  • Fill used ink bottles and maintain a constant supply for production
  • Wash and dry screens
  • Collect unused duplicate screens from flag machine operators
  • Restock supplies and count inventory
  • Ensure that the acetone, solvents, and adhesive containers are full and properly sealed
  • Maintain waste disposal shed
  • Dispose of waste from acetone, solvents, and inks
  • Recycle empty barrels
  • Collect wire waste from production area on a weekly basis
  • Collect garbage and haul dumpsters to and from designated areas
  • Maintain appearance of and equipment in ink and adhesive rooms
  • Recycle used and deleted screens
  • Remove old number from used or deleted screens
  • Maintain the stock level for razor blades, masking tape, and cardboard strips etc.
  • Return rag containers to their proper place after use
  • Ensure the security of the ink and adhesive rooms, and that all fans, lights, and pumps are turned off at the end of the business day
  • Follow all policies and safety procedures
  • Complete all other duties and tasks that may be assigned to the position by the Graphic Arts Manager and Graphic Arts Production lead person


BMC Information and Benefits

  • Starting wage negotiable based on education and experience. Opportunity for pay increases after probationary period and after annual reviews/evaluations.
  • Work hours are generally 8:00 – 5:00. There is a fluctuating Friday schedule that allows employees to get off at 3:00 every other Friday.  Lunch hours (60 mins vs 30 mins) the following week assure you still end up with a 40-hour week.
  • Minimal overtime.
  • Weekly payroll.
  • Incentive pay program providing monthly incentive checks based on monthly sales.
  • Monthly incentive lunch.
  • United Health Care health insurance (details provided separately).
  • Profit sharing/pension plan that is 100% company funded, based on a 5-yr vested program.
  • All major holidays off with pay (New Years, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas).
  • Birthday off with pay.
  • 24 hours sick time pay.
  • 40 hours vacation time pay. Hours of vacation time increase with years of service.
  • Breakfast provided every morning.
  • Other company events.


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