Using VerifyPass

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What is VerifyPass?

VerifyPass is an identity verification provider for online sellers who offer exclusive discounts. It’s free for the person being verified.

If you haven’t used VerifyPass before, simply sign in with Facebook, Google or click Create Account at the bottom of this popup.


Am I eligible?


    • Active Duty Servicemembers
    • Honorably Discharged Veterans
    • Immediate family of above (Spouse/Child)

Not Accepted:

    • Servicemembers outside of U.S., Canada, U.K. & Australia
    • Non-Dependent Relatives (grandchild, cousin, etc.)


Invalid E-mail/Password

In almost all cases, this is a result of believing you have a VerifyPass account when you don’t.

  • VerifyPassaccount is not the same as a Blackburn Mfg. Co. Having a Blackburn Mfg. Co. account doesn’t automatically mean you have a VerifyPass account.


  • There are several companies on the Internet who do identity verification for discounts. It’s possible you’ve used another one, and you’re mistaking them for VerifyPass. Another service’s login credentials won’t work on VerifyPass.


GOOD NEWS – Once you’ve been verified, you won’t need to re-verify next time you shop at Blackburn Mfg. Co. or hundreds of other brand partners!

Forgot Password

If you have not already reset your password, you can use the Forgot Password link below the sign-in fields. This will erase your current password, and e-mail you a temporary password. After logging in, you’ll be required to set a permanent password.

If you’ve already reset your password, you should receive an e-mail momentarily. Each reset will overwrite your previously assigned temporary password. If you haven’t received your e-mail after one hour, contact us and we can set a new password for you.


Already been verified

I’ve verified at another store (not Blackburn Mfg. Co.) before.

If you’ve verified while shopping at another store, it could be with any one of several verification services. Double check the name of the verification service you used. If it isn’t VerifyPass, you’ll need to get verified with VerifyPass—it’s fast and easy.

No, I’ve verified specifically at Blackburn Mfg. Co. before.

If you previously verified with VerifyPass (formerly ID Discount) while shopping at Blackburn Mfg. Co., your login information is exactly the same as when you verified the first time. You won’t need to re-verify, but you will need to use the same login information as you did the first time. For example, if you signed in with Facebook, you should sign in with Facebook again.


Note: Blackburn Mfg. Co. has no ability to bypass verification.

Contact for all questions regarding verification and receiving your discount.