Worldwide Leader in Marking Flags

Blackburn Manufacturing is the Worldwide Leader in Marking Flags! We are unmatched in quality marking flags with the best customer service in the industry for over 60 years. Blackburn produces and fabricates small plastic flags attached to wire, plastic, or fiberglass staffs. Marking flags can be used by construction, survey, public works, utilities, landscaping, soil conservation, farming, forestry, gardening, landscaping companies, and so many more to identify underground water, gas, electric and cable conduits or pipes, or whatever needs their profession requires. Marking flags can also be used to post signage, delineate construction areas, warn about pesticide applications, or simply advertise a message or your business.

Blackburn Manufacturing sells more than just flags, though. Other products include signs of all sizes and shapes, door tags, door hanger bags, irrigation tags, marking tags, multi-purpose service stickers, window clings, tapes, paints, cones, Measuring wheels and tapes, and much more! Whatever your marking needs, Blackburn Manufacturing has you covered.



Blackburn History


Blackburn Manufacturing Co. is a family owned firm. It was started in 1953 by E. A. “Bud” Blackburn in the basement of a small family homestead near Royal, Nebraska. Bud’s cousin worked in the surveying industry and used old lathe stakes as markers. He came to Bud and asked him if he could attach a piece of cloth or paper to a wire or wooden stick.

An engineer by trade, Bud eventually built a machine that would glue a vinyl flag to a wire staff. However, it took longer than expected because Bud already had a full time job: running the family farm located near Royal, NE. After years of tinkering, Bud finally completed his first automated flag machine. He and his two sons, Jim aged 7 and Bob aged 11, ran the one machine around the clock to fill the company’s first million flag order. From there, the rest is history.


Advertising Specialty Institute
Golf Course Builders Association of America
National Association of Landscape Professional
Irrigation Association
Common Ground Alliance