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City of Cunningham

“No matter how many questions I had someone was always there to help me. Their answers were always easy to understand, helpful, and friendly! Very prompt with the design proof and I couldn’t believe how fast the order was completed and shipped. Blackburn customer service has won me over!”

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Lawn Pros

“After having my own digital print biz for 15 years, I started a new lawn care business. I have to tell you that every experience I had with my order was “spot on”. Customer service was fantastic and the product I received was about my expectations! Thank you for paying attention to all the little details. Please let the Blackburn Team know they did a Great Job for me!”

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Nate Alleman

“I have both Blackburn and another company working on sign options for me, Blackburn sent me a proof the same day I called in. I asked for small changes, these are done right away and sent back to me to view. It’s been 2 weeks and the other company hasn’t sent me a proof yet! What a difference in service!”

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Andrea Icenhour

“Just received our first order from Blackburn and we LOVE it! Already planning our next order and have absolutely no doubt that it will be just as great. The entire process from the initial price inquiry to receiving has been nothing but a pleasure. I assure you, look no further…you’ve found what you’re looking for in Blackburn Manufacturing Company.”

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Nice & Precise | Iowa

“I found Blackburn on Facebook and after working with several different printing companies I can say that Blackburn knocked it out of the park on the first pitch!”

Grass Circle
Cross Lawncare | Bluffton, Indiana

“I received my flags today and they are awesome! Blackburn was patient and helpful during many design changes and back and forth emails.”


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Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing | Troy, New York

“Blackburn gave me quick responses and the artwork looks great!

Everyone at Blackburn is great!”

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Joshua & Heidi Evans
Busy Bee Groundskeeping | Uniontown Washington

“We really just wanted to express our gratitude. Not only did everyone at Blackburn hustle to get these to us, they far exceeded our expectations. You can be absolutely sure we will be returning!

We are so impressed and appreciative of your fine work and customer service.”

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Susan Brommer
Minnesota Department of Public Safety | Saint Paul Minnesota

“Thank you so much to Blackburn for sending me this quote so quickly! Everyone at Blackburn rocks!”

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Blackburn Customer
Owner of Cemetery Company | New Jersey

“I ordered 22K flags last year. Blackburn is a great company and I have a very pleasant experience every time we do business. Great work to everyone on the team.”

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Dave Rippe
Nebraska Economic Development Director

“Toured Blackburn Manufacturing and felt like part of the family. Breakfast is served at this Neligh company every morning – employees are part of a true team.

Community and family are priorities, and you can feel it. Amazing experience – far more than just a tour.”

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Matt's Lawncare | Highland, Indiana

“I worked with Blackburn about a week ago and just wanted to share about their super service. I was late in ordering, I had a thousand things on my mind & didn’t realize we were so low, only two weeks after ordering, they arrived!

They came a couple of days ago and we’ve had absolutely no lapse in service. I really appreciate it.”

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Patsy Meeham
Savanna, Illinois

“One of Blackburn’s local customers recommended I reach out to them. I spoke with Blackburn’s employee Karen about getting a bunch of the pin flags plastic stakes overnighted.

I just want to say that I’ve dealt with a lot of companies today trying to get this done and she was pleasant, professional, go the job done and I really appreciate her help.

 Blackburn has great employees and they were a major help to me!”

Grass Circle
Shawn Davis
Lawn Service Professional

“Over the last 23 years, I have used many different companies to make my lawn signs that we are required to leave in the lawn after treatment. I had been using another company’s signs the last couple of years and the quality went down while the price went up and it took forever to receive them.

Last week, I called Blackburn, sent them my previous designs to keep everything the same. They printed them and shipped them out in 7 days time! I also put one on the stake and sprayed them with water and left it out overnight to see if it was going to fold over and it did not. They were cheaper by 54 bucks! If you’re not using Blackburn already, I would highly recommend them!”