blackburn flag team celebrates six billion marking flags sold

Recently, Blackburn Flag sold its 6 billionth flag. It is an extraordinary accomplishment and milestone that would not have been possible without our devoted and supportive customers. We constantly aspire to be a partner not only with our customers, but to our community as well. We know all that we accomplish as a company comes from the support of all the individuals, companies and organizations that purchase from and promote Blackburn Flag.


For more than 70 years, you all have helped us to continuously reach new heights!

The Blackburn Flag Community

Blackburn Flag proudly has its roots in the heart of the United States in Neligh, the flag capital of Nebraska. It’s from those strong roots, grown from humble beginnings, that Blackburn Flag was able to become a worldwide leader in the production and distribution of marking flags. 

Being able to call Nebraska home is an honor, and we pride ourselves in being an American-made company that has been able to reach across international borders where we have found even more support for our continuously growing company.

Here’s To More Flags Sold, More Connections Made

Blackburn Flag was founded upon E.A. “Bud” Blackburn’s entrepreneurial spirit and ingenuity in creating solutions for our customers’ needs. From 1,681,000 flags sold in 1955 to over 6 billion sold in 2022, we continue to follow Bud’s legacy and ambitions for Blackburn Flag. In doing so, along with the help of our customers and community, we were able to reach this monumental milestone of selling over 6 billion flags, and we have our sights on selling 6 billion more. 


Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way!

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