BMC Signs

What sizes are available?

5″x 4″, 5″x5″, and 6″x6″

What is the set-up fee?

$25 charge for one-color printing and $25 for a second color.

Are the black step stakes included with the signs?

Yes, unless requested otherwise.

What are the ink colors?

Black, green, orange, blue, red, yellow, purple, pink, maroon and brown. More available upon request.

How long do the signs last once posted?

Depending on the time or year and location, our signs are only temporary which means they usually last anywhere from 1-3 months.

What is the difference between BMC Signs & BMC
Value Signs?

They are both weather coated cardstock material but sold in different quantities.

The value signs are limited to customization and are folded for posting.

The BMC signs are completely customizable and are not folded for posting.

Rigid Markers

What sizes are available?

4″x 5″ & 5″x5″ are our standard sizes. Please call for custom sizing.

What are the available ink colors?

Black, green, orange, blue, red, and now many more!

Can you print full color?

Yes, full color and two-sided.

What is the set-up fee?

There is a one-time set up fee of $25. If a different print is used for the second side, there is an additional $25 fee applied.

Are the Rigid Markers sold with stakes?

Yes, the price includes signs and stakes.

Marking Flags / Field Flags

How many color choices are there?

Vinyl – 18 colors & Poly – 6 colors.

What is banner style vs flag style?

Banner style flags are printed so the staff can be bent at a 90° angle, so the flag hangs like a banner. The print can be seen more easily.

How many flags are in a bundle?

Wire staff – 100 flags, Plastic staff – 50 flags

What are the quantity price breaks?

5,000, 10,000 & 25,000.

Can you mix & match colors for printed flags?

Yes, you can order a different color per 1,000. However, if you mix and match in quantities or 500 flags, there is a $5.00 charge per different color.

What is the difference between the vinyl and poly flags?

The vinyl is 4 mil and the poly is 3 mil and glossy. Poly has long-term dependability.

What is the minimum order for poly flags?

Minimum order is 4,000. There is a $20.00 specialty fee if you want to order less. Please call for details.

What is the lead time for field flags?

Plain flags ship in 7-10 business days.

Printed flags ship in around 2 weeks.

Sales Tax

Will there be tax on my order?

It depends on your state’s legislation. We are required to collect sales tax from a select amount of states.

How do I upload a tax exemption form?

If you are ordering online, during the checkout process, there is an option to choose ‘click to upload’ or you can select the box that says we have your tax exemption form. If you are placing your order over the phone, you can directly email it to a customer service rep.


Do you sell upside down paint?

Yes, we sell the inverted marking paint.

Are the snow poles reflective?

Yes, the red stripes are reflective.

Is there a minimum order for the snow poles?

Yes, the minimum is one box of one color. There are 25 snow poles in each box.

Do you have printed flags in stock?

Yes, we have some generic flags in stock available for same day shipping.

Are your flags made in the USA?

Yes, unlike our competitors, our flags are American made.

How many whiskers are in a bundle?

25 per bundle with 40 bundles per case.

Can you mail product samples?

Yes, we can directly mail samples to you. Some products may not apply.

How can I receive a catalog in the mail?

For any new customers, we send a catalog in the mail. Existing customers receive a catalog at the beginning of each year.

Do you offer discount codes?

Yes, only when we are running a sale. At the time of the sale, we will notify you through email with the code.

Have your products been tested for Prop 65?

Yes, our products are compliant.


How do I place an order?


Call: 800-942-5816

West Coast Call: 1-800-552-3524

Fax: 877-887-5171


Mail: PO Box 86

Neligh, NE USA 68756-0086

If we call, can we talk to a real person? Absolutely—we would love to speak with you. Call us toll-free with any questions.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, AMEX, Mastercard & Discover cards, as well as check, ACH Debit, wire transfers and terms with approved credit.

Shipping and Freight

How can I save on shipping?

If your order is 150 pounds+, we pass along our freight discount to you. It is less expensive to ship to a commercial address than a residence. Please call for shipping quotes.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship our flags internationally.

We cannot ship paint internationally because it is a hazardous material.

When will my order ship?

Plain flags ship same day or following business day.

Printed flags ship 5-10 days depending on the time of year. Please call for current lead times

How many flags ship in a box?

There are 1,000 flags per box, unless you are ordering less.

Arts & Graphics

What file types do you need for logos or graphics?

CDR, PDF, EPS or AI. (Must be at least 300 dpi.)

How do I send my logo?

Email, FAX or upload your file on the last page of the checkout on our website.

What if I don’t have an electronic file?

We can take your logo off of a business card or letterhead.

How long do you keep my logo?

Custom screens not reordered within 6 years are removed from out files.

Will I get a proof for my new design before it is printed?

Yes, approved proofs must received (via email or phone) before we will process an order.

Can you print on both sides of the vinyl flag?

No, the products that are two-sided print are the Field Flags, BMC Marking Signs, and Rigid Markers.

Can you do two-color print on the vinyl flags?

No, we can do two-color print on the poly flag, BMC signs or rigid markers.

How big is the size of the print area?

Depending on the size of the flag, the areas are: 2″x 2″, 3″x3″, or 4″x4″.

Do you have generic pesticide application flags and signs?

Yes, we have generic screens on file. Depending on your state’s regulations, information may vary. Please check out ‘Posting Regulations’ on our website for complete details.

Can the field flags be printed on both sides?

Yes, except for the fluorescent orange.

Is there a fee for color change on screens?

There is no charge for changing the ink or flag color.


National Association of Landscape Professional
Irrigation Association
Common Ground Alliance